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  • Somerset - Holiday let

The Stables - Somerset - Holiday let - Planning Approved

These contemporary barn conversions seek to create generous holiday lets within the footprint of two 1960s stable blocks, with an emphasis on quality of accommodation as opposed to maximising numbers of beds. Existing window and door locations are utilised with skylights carefully located within the new standing seam roof. Small storage buildings are repurposed as courtyard gardens for the renovated buildings occupants.

Retain The Original Mass

Externally the intention is to retain the original mass and form whilst removing superfluous add-ons. Working within this envelope, the design seeks to refurbish the dilapidated building fabric with an agricultural material palette consisting of untreated timber cladding and metal standing seam roofing.

Vehicular access and parking is to be formed in grasscrete concrete pavers. This green, hard-wearing surface will allow for the stables to have extra external recreation space whilst allowing vehicular access to the site.