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The Linhay - Somerset - Residential - On Site

Prior to a change in scale of livestock farming, linhay barns were common to Somerset and Devon. An open fronted two storey pitched roof barn, with hay/ shelter at first floor and storage for cattle/ machinery at ground floor. The open fronted element was located away from the prevailing weather, supported on regularly spaced columns often full height from ground to eaves.

The scale and form is designed as a playful reinterpretation of the linhay barn typology, marrying a blend of domestic and agricultural whilst at pains not to become contrived in nature.

A blend of domestic and agricultural

A two storey residential new build shares the same east-west orientation of the existing outbuildings in order to take full advantage of passive solar gains. Whilst the envelope appears as a typical domestic form, the entire south elevation is recessed in order to create the characteristic colonnade. The functional benefit of this move is to provide solar relief and shading to the internal spaces during the summer months while taking advantage of the low-tracking sun in the winter months.

A single storey extension stretches out into the field on the site of the concrete yard and stable block, protecting the outside space from prevailing winds and opening up the garden to the field.

An intensive green roof gives the impression that a section of field has been lifted to form an inhabited space below, this green roof extends through to the front of the building where the two storey form cuts away at first floor, providing shelter and relief to local wildlife.

The Process

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